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Automotive Lifts

Lifts are an important part of any shop. They are essential to perform fluid changes, repairs, tire changes, wheel rotations, and many different repairs. While many of these tasks can be performed with the use of jacks and stands, laying on the ground underneath a heavy vehicle can be very uncomfortable and very dangerous. Not only is it difficult to see what you are doing and to maneuver, there is increase risk of serious injury or even death.

When vehicle lifts were first introduced, they were very bulky and could not fit in smaller shops or garages. Luckily there are now a variety of different sizes and shapes of car and truck lifts to accommodate almost any size work area.

Hydraulic Car and Truck Lifts for Your Garage or Shop

While not all lifts are hydraulic, the hydraulic models seem to be the most popular due to their ease of use. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower a car or truck to the desired height. It is easy and safe to work under a raised vehicle which makes for a stress free work environment.

Many utilize scissor lift technology which is optimal for most garages. The cross bars are able to securely and safely push the load upwards by an even flow of hydraulic pressure being applied. This design eliminates the risk of the load being unbalanced which keeps greatly increases safety.

There are also lifts which require a ramp in which the vehicle is driven up onto. These 4 post lifts are less compact, but very sturdy. The major benefit of this type of equipment is that the car or truck can be left in the air for prolonged periods of time without any risk of wear and tear to the lift itself. Additionally, there is much more space to move around and for equipment to be use under a 4 post lift.

Shorter 4 post vehicle lifts are also available for tire rotation. The sole purpose of this equipment is to get the car or truck up off the ground securely so that wheels and tires can be rotated or balanced.

Smaller and more compact equipment is also available which only have 2 posts. These 2 posts vehicle lifts are perfect for smaller garages where you want to add the ability to raise your car or truck up efficiently and safely.